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About Us

Our idea
our demand

A demand - an idea - a demand
In a way our demand was the cornerstone of our idea.

With MAX LODGING we wanted to create what we were always missing.
Everyone who travels often and for a longer time, quickly realizes what a classic hotel is lacking: space, flexibility and superior living comfort with scope for doing your own design.


We expect the "MAX", the very best of an accomodatio.
Since we do not come from classic hotel business, we look at everything through "guest glasses". With us you will find the MAX of living comfort, space and privacy.
We don't spend much on personnel and admanistrative expenses and we are happy to pass this on to our customers in form of more comfortable living.

The focus is always on the well-being of our tenants. After all, you should feel home with us in Munich at MAXimum.
Thant is again our demand!

It is no coincidence that our chosen name MAX is also a very popular first name in Bavaria, but rather a well considered link.

Familiar with the word - at home at MAX LODGING.

first-class living comfort

calm and central location