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Our building was built as a socalled "passive house".
This results ine very high energy savings.

It is heated by district heating. The primary energy requirement of Munich district heating is zero.

The own photovoltaic system produces electricity to cover the company's own electricity consumption.


All apartments are connected to a central vebtilation system with efficient heat recovery. Electric external venetian blinds with wind monitors on the window fronts and electric roller shutters on the roof windows with rain monitors ensure summer heat protection and individual shading options.

All wakks are insulated very well ans gurantee little heat loss.
The windows offer highest insulation standards due to their triple glazing, high quality wood-aluminium construction.

Energy-efficient LED lamps and kitchen appliances in the apartments ensure low energy cosumption.


Our overall concept is future-oriented and combines living comfort ans quality with sustainability and energy saving due to production ans use of renewable energies.


Enjoy your stay in our apartments and learn that high living comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability do not have to be contrary.


  • energy efficient LED-lamps and kitchen appiances for low energy consumption.
  • own photovoltaic-system produces electricity for covering the in-house consumption
  • all apartments are connected to a central ventilation system with efficient heat recovery.
  • The walls and windows are insulated very well and guarantee little heat loss.
Passive House Certificate