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Measures and information to protect our customers from infection

Protection and hygiene concept

Customer traffic

In order to reduce personal customer contact to an acceptable level, personal meetings with MAX LODGING staff are only possible after prior appointment and under the following conditions:

  • Wearing a mouth-nose mask of the customer / resident and the MAX LODGING employee
  • Compliance with the distance requirement of 1.5 m between people
  • Maximum number of customers (residents at the appointment: 1

(if originating from the customer's household: 2)

We are of course available for all concerns of our customers by email and phone:


Telephone: +49 89 9090196-0


If possible, all payments should be made by bank transfer.

In exceptional cases, card payment by EC / CC card is possible.

In this case please make an appointment with our staff. The above mentioned conditions apply.
Disinfectants and disposable gloves are kept ready for this.

Cleaning and disinfection of the apartments and common areas

All cleaning operations are carried out for MAX LODGING by M.UC. Services:

M.U.C. Services

Amalienstrasse 91

80799 Munich


The following cleaning and hygiene guidelines from M.U.C. Services are valid:

Cleaning and disinfection guidelines

1. Disposable items have to be preferred for  cleaning.

2. All rooms must be ventilated for 20 minutes before cleaning.

3. Wash hands thoroughly before and after each cleaning.

4. First clean, then disinfect.

5. The face should not be touched during the cleaning process.

6. Only tested, provided disinfectants may be used.




The following surfaces must be disinfected: .


  • door handles
  • vents
  • surfaces
  • light switches
  • remote controls
  • tables
  • pull switch for fans and lamps
  • window sills and handles
  • thermostats
  • keys
  • hair dryer
  • railings
  • ironing boards and irons
  • garbage and recycling bins
  • vacuum cleaner



  • Sink
  • cabinet handles and pull-outs
  • Dishwasher
  • Appliances: oven, toaster, pressure cooker, coffee machine etc.
  • Dishes that are not dishwasher safe: ceramic dishes, plastic dishes for children, etc.
  • Fixed back chairs


  • sink
  • toilets
  • fittings
  • showers and bathtubs
  • shower curtains and doors
  • shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel and soap dispenser
  • washer / dryer


  • hangers and luggage racks
  • cleaning devices

Sofas, carpets, curtains and other soft porous surfaces need to be cleaned. All vacuum cleaners must be emptied after each cleaning.

Garbage bags must be used for garbage cans. After each cleaning, all cleaning utensils must either be washed or disposed of. Work clothing must be washed after each shift.


MAX LODGING supplements this guideline with the following requirements:

• After the tenant has moved out, a waiting period of at least 24 hours must be observed.
Only then should the cleaning staff enter the apartment.

• After final cleaning and adequate ventilation of the apartment, a waiting period of at least 24 hours must be observed again before the new tenant enters the apartment.

• Interim cleaning is only carried out by mutual agreement with the tenant. The above Cleaning standards from M.U.C. Services apply.


Other infection protection services for our residents when moving in:

• Important hygiene information and tips for residents are available in the apartments

• Dispensers with hand disinfectants are installed in the stairwells for use by all residents and visitors

• When moving in, there is a mouth-nose mask for each tenant and a small bottle of hand disinfectant gel for personal use in the apartment